Monday, March 15, 2010


All of us are heading towards enlightenment whether we are choosing it or not. Some have made this journey very complicated, but in truth it is a very natural process that is occurring. There are really only two parts to it; sensitivity, and equanimity (sattva). The deeper you can take this equanimity the more enlightened you become; that is where meditation comes in. Having sensitivity without equanimity leads you to deep confusion and a very clever ego. Equanimity without depth is no equanimity at all. Under the surface there is deep miseries developing that will inevitably rise up. All must start where they are at, and be okay with the work that lies ahead. That is the first step; simply accepting ourselves where we are at.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

From a place of deep Love or surrender, we allow the Universe to "play" upon our experience, our being, our world. It is our job as individuals to develop equanimity; sattva, in response to this "play" to fulfill our intention for being human. For if we do not awaken this faculty within us to some degree, upon our deathbed we will see we have only lived a partial life; only a fraction of our potential. A great desire will be born within us to live again, no matter what the cost, and so we shall receive this wish and come back to be what we intended. Live your life fully, as you originally intended. Deepen your Love to depths unthinkable if you find your heart is asking.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Welcome to Aaron's Blog!

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to my blog. I am currently constructing a blog that outlines the philosophy of Ayurveda and how my light interprets it. Please be patient and it will be posted in a couple of days.